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About Us


Facility Management Services is focused on you and your property with two primary mission objectives:


(1)     To provide the support required beyond meeting the immediate life-cycle needs of your facility with preventive maintenance to ensure that potential property maintenance problems are identified and counter-measured before they can occur.


(2)     To provide you with an end-to-end single source solution that supports your business and saves you time and money by assuming responsibility for supporting your entire property infrastructure from the tiniest details to the largest functions.



Our goal is to provide our clients with a property that is market-ready, and to instill confidence and trust based on the quality of our service.



With hundreds of properties under our care, our clients prefer us over other services because of our features:


  • Service: We provide and manage all facility maintenance personnel and vendors through a single point of contact, providing more disciplined management, more efficient services and lower costs.


  • Location: Our facility is located in Fairfield, Ohio.  A central point that allows us to service Southwest Ohio, Indiana & Kentucky.


  • Logistics support: Our Office Staff will answer your phone calls 24/7. Our Scheduler and Planner will make sure your needs are met within a reasonable time frame. 



Facility Management Services is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.